This is a glossary of words that I potentially may have made up owing to a wee dyslexic tendency I may have. Feel free to adopt any particularly nice sounding words into your own vocab.


A bit of Australian slang is thrown in as well just for those moments when I may unintentionally use a bit of Aussie bogan vernacular.




Potentially Made-Up Words:


A mess or state of disorganised affairs; “Geez Louise, your hair is a total kernuffle”



To wind a way into something, to forge a path or avenue.



Aussie Dialect:


An affectionate term used to describe a socially inept person with a somewhat outdated or uncool sense of fashion and style. Less commonly used by farmers to describe an unpleasant cluster around an unfortunate sheep’s backside.



A relatively unsophisticated Australian individual overly proud of his/her nationality and love of a particular brand of one of two market leading car manufacturers (Holden or Ford), ciggies and beer. Known for wearing tracky dacks, flags and flannel, sporting a mullet or rats tail, voting conservative despite being working class and doing burn outs.


Cashed-Up Bogan

A phenomenon of the mining boom where an every day bogan becomes a high income earner, often as a result of fly-in fly-out work on minesites. Known for generousity at the pub and driving the most expensive Holden or Ford available, cashed-up bogans tend to be loveable characters who face the experience of shifting social barriers and the unfortunate likelihood of debt, impossible mortgage repayments and psychological depression as the mining boom is slowly going bust and their newly formed identity is being erased.


Tracky Dacks

Tracksuit pants; sweatpants; joggers.


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