The Little Yogi

Yogi B Bear looking a bit like I do after a good meditation

I’ve noticed when I come out of a good meditation that the world is a little sharper.

Sound waves travel with a more crisp note and light seems to dazzle every little particle it touches.

I have no interest in speaking or hearing words, they just drain me and fill me with an energy so different to what I’m feeling.

I’m just content being. Watching. Feeling. Using my senses and letting my mind sit, slowly chewing just one thing at a time.

It’s nice.

But it passes. I always seem to go back to my mind full of thoughts and wants and quarrels and worries and… ughh, exhaustion!

I love my post-meditation mind. I love seeing the world through it.

seagull landing on water

In my work, I’ve spent time playing and learning with children on the Autism Spectrum. It’s always been such a joy connecting with each child.

There seems to be this unspoken awareness that has to be tapped into in order to meet the child where they are at.

Then something really special happens.

It reminds me of my post-meditation mind, but the child on the Spectrum seems to be the Master of this state of mind, and the child is always pulling my “monkey mind” back into line!


‘Watch as the light hits that piece of glass. Just watch,’ silently instructs the child.

There are audible words being thrown behind the sense of sight; loud and quiet, clear and abstract, angry and kind.

‘But just watch. How beautiful is the sight of light making it’s touch seen?’

The sound of words just seem so insignificant in comparison.

The child is completely present in the moment, inviting me to witness it too.

There are nine shelves at the local library offering theories and advice on how to do this and millions sit in frustration every day, striving to attain this meditative state of mind.

To be present. To watch. To see the beauty of the world, just one moment at a time.

And here is this beautiful child, doing exactly that, yet we only see the problems that this causes.

We’re so quick to view Disability as a cause for pity or tragedy, but Disability is also, quite simply, diversity.

Diversity is good. Diversity makes our society strong. Diversity makes life interesting.

I celebrate all the little yogis with an Autism Spectrum Disorder I have met in this world!

Thank you to each child for the wonderful lessons you have shared. You are valuable, beautiful, important and unique.

Bless the day you were born.


2 thoughts on “The Little Yogi

  1. There are monastics that refuse to come back to the “real” world, because they will quickly tell you that it ain’t really real, that state you speak of after meditation is the reality.

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